Laser removal of pearly penile papules and genital warts.

Solves problems:

Pearly penile papules are small pearl shaped growths that most commonly occur on/ around the glans (or the head) of the penis, or the foreskin. Although these lesions are completely benign, they can cause a major aesthetic concerns and leave one worried that they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. At our clinic we treat these lesions using laser ablation. Laser treatment is simple, effective and is carried out with very minimal discomfort. For added comfort we routinely use numbing cream on the treatment areas. The treatment time here is usually 30 minutes. At our clinic we strive to deliver comprehensive care, so if you do suffer from any penile growths, spots or lesions we will also recommend in-depth testing for other sexually transmitted diseases.

Price for our laser ablation treatment is 400 Euro.


Perly penile papules, genital warts, sexually transmitted desease, STD, hirsuties coronae glandis, hirsutoid papillomas,pink pearly papules,Tyson glands,Fordyce spots.

For male with genital warts, for male with pearly penile papules, for man with hirsuties coronae glandis, male with hirsutoid papillomas, man with pink pearly papules, men withTyson glands, men with Fordyce spots.


1 - 2 days before procedure it is recommended to shave genital area. We use topic anesthetic jelly before procedure to provide procedure painfree.

Following the procedure it is recommended to apply antiseptic cream to the place of aplication and to clean the area as usually. After laser radiation is possible to feel little burning sensation.