With age and mainly as a result of childbirth, the vaginal walls loose muscle tone and elasticity, leading to widening and loosening of the inner vagina. As a result of these changes the vagina loses is ideal physiological and sexual function. A well-known study by Masters and Johnson has shown that sexual satisfaction is directly correlated with the ability to create frictional forces in the vagina during sexual intercourse. The ability to create these frictional forces is dependent on the diameter of the vaginal canal; the wider the diameter the less friction is created, which in turn leads to reduction in pleasure during sexual intercourse for the women and her partner. As a result both parties may suffer from the inability to orgasm and this may lead to loss of satisfaction and loss of sex drive. Traditionally, surgical intervention was used to re-model and narrow the vaginal canal, however it is not without severe complications such as possible scarring, nerve damage and loss of sensation during intercourse. Breakthroughs in modern urology have allowed the use of Laser treatment to achieve these results without surgery, with minimal discomfort, minimal side effects and minimal down-time. At our clinic we are proud to offer laser treatments to treat vaginal wall loosening. The laser treatment works by stimulating the vaginal wall and pelvic floor tissues using specifically engineered and directed wavelengths of laser light. This causes thermal stimulation to the vaginal tissues leading to collagen formation which helps reinforce and tighten the vaginal tissues, decreasing the diameter of the vaginal canal, helping rejuvenate the vaginal mucosa, enhance its lubricating capability during intercourse and also enhancing immunity against infections of the vaginal mucosa. Down-time after procedure is minimal, we only ask that you refrain from sexual activity for 1 week. It is possible to undergo multiple cycles of treatment which are usually 1 month apart, if you wish to achieve greater tissue tightening. With our laser treatments it is possible to tighten the vaginal wall diameter by up to 30% with added benefits of increased elasticity, lubrication and immunity.




Vaginal relaxation syndrome , widenig of vagina, women orgasmic disorders, vaginal loosening, vaginal dryeness

Women with vaginal loosening, women with vaginal dryeness, women with orgasmic disorders

Men, women with urogenital cancer, women with acute urogenital inflamatatory desease, pregnant women

No special recomendations or limitations before procedure. Procedure is not recomended in time of menstruation.

Following pre procedure we recommend 7 days sexual abstinence and 3-4 weeks to avoid heavy physicall effort.