Incontilase – Laser treatment of urinary incontinence

Solves problems:

Our clinic is a referral centre for laser treatment of urinary incontinence, and we are proud to receive referrals from all of Slovakia. Our laser treatment for urinary incontinence is pain free and conveniently carried out on out-patient basis. It is an excellent treatment option for women who are not willing to undergo surgical intervention. The laser therapy is most effective in patients with mild or moderate stress incontinence and carries 94% success rate. For patients with forms of mixed incontinence, laser treatment can lead to significant reduction and even full recovery in around 68% of cases. Severe forms of incontinence can also be treated to achieve a significant improvement in their condition.

In contrast to surgery, laser treatment carries multiple benefits such as being safe, non-invasive, no down-time, no pain, and no need for hospital admission. The treatment time is usually 15-20 minutes. The lasers are used to stimulate the vaginal walls and mucosa surrounding the urethra (a tube that connects the bladder to the outside of the body allowing for urination) to enhance new collagen production. This collagen helps reinforce the urethra and surrounding urinary apparatus to lessen or stop incontinence. Laser treatment for incontinence is regarded as being very safe, quick and effective and carries many additional benefits such as rejuvenation of the vaginal walls, improvement of the lubricating capability of the vagina during sexual activity and improving the immunity of the vaginal mucosa to infection. Our urology team have years of extensive experience in treating urinary incontinence and are trained to treat even the most advanced cases. We now have a portfolio of over 2000 successfully treated patients who previously suffered from urinary incontinence.




Women ´s urine incontinence

For women with urine incontinence , for women with urine leakage

Men, women with urogenital cancer, women with acute urogenital inflamatatory desease, pregnant women

No special recomendations or limitations before procedure. Procedure is not recomended in time of menstruation.

Following pre procedure we recommend 7 days sexual abstinence and 3-4 weeks to avoid heavy physicall effort.