The surgery is carried out by
MUDr. Milan Gajdoš, MPH
Who has performed more than 5,000 surgeries
Solves problems:
  • treatment success rate up to 98%
  • duration of treatment from 4 weeks
  • no side effects
  • applying a shock wave to the entire length of the penis
  • treatment without surgery
  • treatment of severe forms of erectile dysfunction

Treatment of a weak erection with a shock wave

The treatment of erectile dysfunction at our clinic is most often carried out using a shock wave. This method of treatment is fitting for most patients, in particular those whose cause of a weak erection is insufficient blood flow to the penis. Shock waves are a painless way to treat a weak erection that lasts 4 weeks. The patient may have a stronger erection after only one month.


Our workplace provides complex treatment of erection (erectile dysfunction, disorders of the penis erection), including its most severe forms.

In the complex treatment of impotence, we primarily use linear shock waves and drugs administered orally. The therapy at our workplace includes an initial consultation, during which we diagnose the cause of erectile dysfunction and determine the degree of severity.

In addition, diagnosis of the erectile dysfunction causes involves examination of testosterone levels, PSA (prostate specific antigen) and assessment of penile vessels. After a comprehensive examination, we will define the optimal method of treatment tailored to the individual.

Individualized treatment of erectile dysfunction considers the cause of the erectile dysfunction and the special needs and sexual habits of each man. The success rate of complex non-invasive/non-surgical/treatment of erectile dysfunction in our workplace is 98%.

Treatment of severe forms of erectile dysfunction

Diabetics have the most severe erectile dysfunction. In diabetes, it is associated with damage not only to blood vessels, but also to the nervous system.

Severe erectile dysfunction also occurs in patients after intra-abdominal surgery, prostate surgery, diseases of the nervous system or spinal cord and pelvic injuries. We can handle even the most severe disorders of penis erection.

An intensive treatment protocol is available for patients with severe erectile dysfunction. For more severe forms, we also use drugs given into the genitals by injection.

In patients with the most severe levels of erectile dysfunction who do not react to other treatments, we implant penile prostheses (reinforcements).

Principles of shock wave erection treatment

The most modern method of treating erectile dysfunction is shock wave therapy with a special linear probe (LSTC) Piezowave 2 from the eminent German manufacturer Richard WOLF – ELvation.

A shock wave is an exceptionally strong impulse that spreads in the form of an oscillating wave. Acoustic shocks infiltrate the body without any damage to the skin and in therapy, we use several thousand of them.

Treatment of an erection with a linear shock wave is a painless form of surgery. The application of a linear shock wave will trigger new blood vessel formation and enhance the biophysical properties of existing vessels and hence substantially improve the blood supply to the penis. Thanks to this, you will attain a quality erection again.

The most recent knowledge on the treatment of disorders of the penis erection

We treat erection with the help of a new German generation of appliances using a linear probe, thanks to which the therapy works alongside the whole length of the penis.

We are the only workplace in Slovakia that makes use of the new Boston Protocol, which was published and recommended at the Congress of the American Urological Association in 2017 in Boston. This is the major advantage over older methods, which have only a half success rate.

Thanks to new technology and the most modern protocol, our treatment is successful in up to 98% of cases. There is a variety of devices on the market, often of Asian origin, which often promise miraculous success, but their effectiveness is doubtful.

The course of treatment

  • you will complete 4 sessions in the basic course or 8 sessions in the intensive course.
  • each session lasts 15 minutes
  • treatment is painless and non-invasive
  • it has no side effects
  • no anaesthesia required

Take a look on how the treatment works:

What we offer?

  • painless execution
  • state-of-the-art devices
  • stronger erection in a month
  • clinic in Bratislava and Piešťany, Slovakia
  • experienced doctors with 25+ years of experience

Make an appointment for the procedure

The surgery is carried out by
MUDr. Milan Gajdoš, MPH
Who has performed more than 5,000 surgeries

Price of the procedure

Basic treatment plan
4 sessions / price for 1 session
Intensive treatment plan
8 sessions
Intensive 1 year complex treatment plan
Intensive LSTC treatment plan + pharmacotherapy for intensive sexual life

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    For men with erectile dysfunction.


    No special recomendations or limitations before procedure. Please inform physician about your current medication.

    Procedure is painfree. There are no limitations after the procedure.

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