Circumcision is one of the most frequently performed operations in the world. It is performed painlessly at our clinic, using state-of-the-art local anesthetics and self-tapping sewing material to provide the patient with complete comfort and painless performance course without the need for subsequent stitches removing. The surgery is performed by Milan Gajdoš,MD, MPH, who has performed over 4,000 of these procedures.
The circumcision is done for various reasons. Most often it is for the phimosis / narrowed foreskin /. Phimosis is not the only disease for which the circumcision is made. Other reasons for this performance are various diseases of the foreskin, such as repeated inflammations, warts, lichen sclerosus of glans or tumors.
The circumcision can also be done for religious or aesthetic reasons.
The man after the circumcision gives the sexual partner a higher hygienic standard as he does not have skin folds on the penis to keep germs, viruses / like HPV / or molds. Penis after circumcision looks bigger. If premature ejaculation occurs, after circumcison this problem is usually resolved.
Long-term experience and medical research have provided evidence of a lower incidence of cervical cancer in female partners of circumcised men and a lower incidence of penis cancer in men after circumcision.
Price of circumcision under local anesthesia, including checks and preoperative examination is 700 Euro. We can perform circumcision immediately after medical check in our centre.
The cost of the circumcision in general anesthesia / artificial sleep / for children and on request in adults is 1100 Euro. If general anestesia is required, please contact our reception, we will arrange appointment for consultation first.


Phimosis, narrowed foreskin, inflamation of foreskin, conglutinations of foreskin, diabetic foreskin, esthetic reasons for circumcision, religious reasons for circumcision, smell of genital, small penis, premature ejaculation, genital warts.

Men prefer circumcision for esthetic, religious, hygienic or medical reasons. Circumcision is indicated for phimosis, inflamations of foreskin, genital warts, genital smell, premature ejaculation and for complications of diabetes.

For man with blood coagulation disorders.

If you are using medicaments, please inform us 7 days before. You have to modify or discontinue medical treatment with influence to blood coagulation 7 days before procedure after consultation with your physician. Please shave your genital area one day before procedure.

Following pre procedure we recommend abstaining from physically demanding activities and work for 2-7 days. Following the procedure it is recommended to re-dress the area daily with antiseptic cream.The stitches usually resorb after 10-20 days. Sexual absinence is recomended for 14 days.