Frenulotomy (discision of short frenulum)

Solves problems:

Frenulotomy is one of the most frequently performed small operations. It is performed painlessly at our clinic, using state-of-the-art local anesthetics and self-tapping sewing material to provide the patient with complete comfort and painless performance course without the need for subsequent stitches removing.
The frenulotom is done for 2 reasons. First is for the short frenulum and second is premature ejaculation.
Following the procedure it is recommended to abstain from sexual activity for 10-14 days. No other restrictions are necessary.
Price of frenulotomy under local anesthesia, including checks and preoperative examination is 350 Euro. We can perform frenulotomy immediately after medical check in our centre.
The cost of the frenulotomy in general anesthesia / artificial sleep / for children and on request in adults is 650 Euro. If general anestesia is required, please contact our reception, we will arrange appointment for consultation first.


Short phrenulum, premature ejaculation, injuty of short phrenulum

For men with short phrenulum, for men with premature ejaculation, for nem after injury of phrenulum, for men who want to have a better sex

For man with blood coagulation disorders.

If you are using medicaments, please inform us 7 days before. You have to modify or discontinue medical treatment with influence to blood coagulation 7 days before procedure after consultation with your physician. Please shave your genital area one day before procedure.

Following pre procedure we recommend to clean the area daily and use antiseptic cream.The stitches usually resorb after 10-20 days. Sexual absinence is recomended for 14 days.