Augmentation labiaplasty with HA /rejuvenisation of labia majora/

Solves problems:

Female external genitalia lose elasticity and volume with age and labia majora lose subcutaneous fat while connective tissue relaxes and becomes less elastic. Macroscopically, the labia majora decrease their tone and volume, while the labia minora increase in size. Tissues become more prone to inflammation; typical of aging is post-menopausal atrophic vulvovaginitis, characterized by reduced lubrication, skin hydration, friction and permeability. Progressive muscle fiber hypotrophy follows similarly in other tissues.Rejuvenation of the labia majora is able to improve the aesthetic aspect of the external genitalia, producing a more youthful appearance.Infiltration of hyaluronic acid dermal filler is a minimally invasive procedure. Nonetheless, a thorough and detailed consultation is necessary. This procedure aims to rejuvenate the female external genitalia, donating more volume and hydration to labia majora, with a possible positive influence on the psychological sphere.


Lose of elasticity and volume of labia majora , wrinkles of labia majora, dryness on vaginal lips, dry skin of genitals, aging of external genitalia

For women with wrinkles of intimal parts, women after delivery women with dry skin of genitals, women with aging problems of external genitalia,

Women with previous surgery on external genitalia, history of vulvar cancer, previous regional radiotherapy, active local herpes simplex /or herpes zoster infection, active herpes zoster infection in other sites, local dermatitis, vulvar squamous papillomas, mycosis, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, and history of adverse reactions to hyaluronic acid fillers.

Before procedure it is recommended to shave genital area. We use topic anesthetic jelly or local injectable anestetics before procedure to provide procedure painfree.

Light edema and small ecchymosis can occur. All signs of application dissapear usually after 3 days.