Reduction labiaplasty

Solves problems:

Typically, the procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, however, general anaesthesia is also available on request. Prior to surgery, we will decide together with you every detail of the changes you desire. To this end, we take exact measurements to determine how much skin and tissue needs to be removed to achieve ideally symmetrical result. This procedure could be combined with augmentation of labia majora by hyaluronis acid and /or laser vaginal rejuveniastion.


Big labia minora, big labia,

For woman with big labia

For women with blood coagulation disorders.

If you are using medicaments, please inform us 7 days before. You have to modify or discontinue medical treatment with influence to blood coagulation 7 days before procedure after consultation with your physician. Please shave your genital area one day before procedure.

Following pre procedure we recommend abstaining from physically demanding activities and work for 2-7 days. Following the procedure it is recommended to re-dress the area daily with antiseptic cream.The stitches usually resorb after 10-20 days. Sexual absinence is recomended for 14 days.