Complete non-invasive vaginoplasty /combination of vaginal laser rejuvenisation and labial augmentation with hyaluronic acid/

Solves problems:

Combination of laser vaginal rejuvenisation and augmentation of labia majora with hyaluronic acid is ideal non-invasive option for all ladies prefering painless, non-invasive, safe and quick way to become younger in genital area. This combinaton of procedures brings vaginal tightening with better self-lubrication and rejuvenisation of outer shape of genital by reduction of wrinckles, by improvong of elasticity and volume of genital skin or labia majora.


Lose of elasticity and volume of labia majora , wrinkles of labia majora, dryness on vaginal lips, dry skin of genitals, aging of external genitalia, vaginal relaxation syndrome, vaginal atrophy,

For women with wrinkles of intimal parts, women after delivery women with dry skin of genitals, women with aging problems of external genitalia,

Women with previous surgery on external genitalia, history of vulvar cancer, previous regional radiotherapy, active local herpes simplex /or herpes zoster infection, active herpes zoster infection in other sites, local dermatitis, vulvar squamous papillomas, mycosis, bacterial infections, autoimmune diseases, and history of adverse reactions to hyaluronic acid fillers.

Before procedure it is recommended to shave genital area. We use topic anesthetic jelly or local injectable anestetics before procedure to provide procedure painfree.

Light edema and small ecchymosis can occur. All signs of application dissapear usually after 3 days. Sexual absinence is recomended for 14 days.